Making-of Curb Chain Bracelet

Making-of Curb Chain Ring


Each piece of jewellery from IsabelleFa is a one-of-a-kind item that has been exclusively handcrafted in our manufactory. This process involves many individual steps, each of which demands time, strength, expertise and sensitivity.


Not all gold is the same. The right ingredients lay the cornerstone for perfect results. Centuries-old knowledge is the secret formula for our house’s own alloys, e.g. “RougeRoyal,” an elegant and warmly radiant red gold. Our manufactory uses only recycled gold from certified sources.


Thin materials are typically used in industrially made jewelry nowadays, but we can craft our pieces from considerably thicker materials because time-honored drawing and rolling techniques form the basis for IsabelleFa’s jewelry pieces. This makes our jewelry less susceptible to dents and gives it a pleasantly weighty feel.

Feel: Solid material thicknesses make the jewellery less susceptible to wear marks and give it a pleasant weight.


Creating a piece of jewelry at IsabelleFa requires both enormous force and tremendous sensitivity. Sheer muscle power first bends the necklaces and bracelets into the approximately correct shapes. Afterwards, powerful hammer blows fine-tune the piece, custom-tailoring it to make each customer’s wish come true.


Many people can scarcely imagine the enormous forces and scorching temperatures to which we subject our jewelry its fabrication. For example, a choker is annealed for a lengthy interval at a temperature as high as 1,000° Celsius – to “relax” the precious metal.


Polishing demands patience and conscientiousness, which our specialists augment with inventiveness. To achieve perfect results, we have developed our own methods for this meticulous process. Each individual link is manually abraded inside and out – because the lifespan of a chain depends on the smoothness of its links and solder points. Ultimately, each chain must delight its wearer with its quality, beauty, smooth surfaces and, last but not least, its warm and rich sound.


Our jewelry’s functional components are likewise individually handmade. Each clasp is specially developed and crafted to suit its piece of jewelry. Even the smallest details clearly reveal our high standards, uncompromising meticulousness and superlative craftsmanship. Just listen closely to the satisfying sound you hear when you close an IsabelleFa necklace or bracelet.

Hear: Listen very consciously to the sound of the bracelet closing and the sound of the individual chain elements.


An individually set diamond is a trademark of IsabelleFa. The gem is integrated into the clasp of a chain or concealed on the inner surface of a ring.


Diamonds set into clasps or individual chain links ennoble every piece of jewelry. This finely detailed work demands special know-how from our gemstone setters – because the diamonds must not only harmonize visually, but must also be perfectly set into the jewelry. That’s why the diamonds for pavés are set under a microscope. This technique enables our specialists to achieve markedly higher quality: no bead must be left protruded.


Before a piece of jewelry ultimately leaves our manufactory, we stamp it with our seal of quality: IsabelleFa’s flacon-shaped hallmark. Derived from a perfume flacon that Isabelle Mössner personally designed and handcrafted, this signet consummates every piece and reaffirms its uniqueness. The hallmark is an emblem of high quality, exclusiveness and appreciation of the goldsmith’s art. The signet simultaneously represents the promise that this piece of jewelry is unique and was created entirely by hand from the most precious materials.


Countless polishing brushes, fine leather straps and abrasive pastes gradually give a high-gloss sheen to the originally matte surface. This phase in the work again reveals the numerous advantages of the traditional drawing and rolling techniques with which we extremely compress the gold and platinum. This is essential for achieving the characteristic and fascinatingly deep gleam. Each millimeter of every bracelet or necklace, as well as each individual link in our chains, is drawn and finely polished both inside and out. This time-consuming manual work is well worthwhile – because mechanical polishing could never create a comparably high-gloss gleam.